Salta - Argentina
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 Los cardones viajes y turismo was founded in 2002 by Gonzalo Cullell and his wife Eugenia Cornejo both were born un Salta and are fallen in love of the NorthWest of Argentina of their landscapes and his culture.

 Those who are in charge and organize personally the trips. Our company is located in Salta city. We arrange privete tours in all the Northwest, mainly Salta, Tucuman and Jujuy.

 Combining others destinations in La Rioja ( a National Park) San Juan (Ischigualasto) and Mendoza.

 Also we do international trips to San Pedro de Atacama and ni Salt lake in Bolivia, therefore we have authorized 4x4 by CNRT. Our company is very well know between others in the province of Salta by his certified eficience and exelance at the time to privide individual services and to arrange different programmes.

 We offer a totally personalized service in our 4x4 pick up and our staff is integrally ited in the tourism area. Day by day we work hard to do our best and get adapted to the requierement of every one of our clients, besides we love to sorprise our passangers with some of the details that makes a remarcable journey!!